Company Profile

Robert Anderson started Seca Investigations in 2002 after spending a number of years in the security and investigation industry as a contractor. He saw the need for services to the industry which were focused on quality, cost effectiveness and personalised service. Growth since then has been rapid, a testimony to Seca's ability to provide high level risk management and strategic anti-fraud consulting to leaders operating at the intersection of blue chip corporate clients, pre-eminent law firms and the insurance industry.

Seca understands that its greatest achievement is in assisting you its client in becoming more competitive by being able to make better, more informed strategic and tactical decisions with regards to fraud management issues.

As such Seca invests heavily in employing highly skilled, experienced and motivated key personnel to manage and quality control each investigation portfolio within its company to ensure quality, accuracy and value on every assignment. Our investigators are reputable, experienced individuals, offering a strong and diverse background as well as priding themselves on time-tested and sound investigative techniques which are supported by state-of-the-art technology, enable us to offer you a reliable, intelligent and dedicated service.

Seca conducts all investigations with the highest degree of confidentiality, prudence and professionalism, and can be relied upon to maintain an ethical perspective without sacrificing performance or quality.

Seca strives to ensure compliance with guiding regulatory frameworks and conduct all activities in an environment of ethical behavior, security of information, protection of privacy, and quality assurance of deliverables.

Seca's commitment is to provide you, our client with the most comprehensive information possible to make informed decisions. In essence, whatever the nature of your assignment, we are confident we can provide a precise, tailored solution that will meet your needs.

At Seca we will provide an initial free consultation and understand your issue maybe extremely sensitive so we handle all inquiries discreetly and in the strictest confidence.