Business, today face a multitude of internal and external issues which often require the expertise of independent consultants such as Seca Investigations. Our experience and diverse service offerings provide a multi-level approach with practical-solutions to several problematic issues including

  • Fraud Investigations
  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • Workplace theft and sabotage investigations.
  • Due diligence/Employee pre-employment checks.
  • WorkCover factual & surveillance investigations
  • Employees leave checks.
  • Employees drug abuse and related issues
  • Sexual harassment
  • Undercover Operations

Partnering with Seca Investigations enables us to provide you our client with high quality assured investigations at both at state or national level. We have an extensive array of resources available and are recognized for our incisive work, sound management frameworks, numerous investigative procedures in order to provide a high level risk management and strategic anti-fraud consulting to companies operating at the intersection of blue chip corporate clients, pre-eminent law firms and the insurance industry.

Seca are set apart by their dedication to quality, confidentiality, prudence and professionalism, and can be relied upon to maintain an ethical perspective without sacrificing performance or quality.

Seca understands that its greatest achievement is in assisting you its client in becoming more competitive by being able to make better, more informed strategic and tactical decisions with regards to challenges you face.

In finishing consideration should be given to those employees who are absent reportedly 'sick', whether it be short term or long term absence. Do they set a frequent pattern of absence? Is there a lack of physical symptoms? Experience has shown that these individuals are quite often malingering. Discreet surveillance, in most cases of an employee out and about during periods of alleged sickness will be sufficient to prevent further fraud and act as a deterrent to other employees contemplating the same course of action. If applicable such evidence can also be used during disciplinary processes.